Primaria: BEDA Week 2016

We have to say goodbye to our BEDA Week until next year. This year we are very happy and proud of the results we have obtained, our students have enjoyed a lot the English Immersion in Ledesma such as gymkhanas and the funny theatre plays “The Frog Prince” and “Treasure Island” by the company “Face to Face”. On the other hand, they watched and had fun with the films and activities from “Despicable Me 2”, “Rio 2” and “Inside out” in original version. All these activities reinforce their listening and speaking skills, learn English in Apóstol Santiago is fun!! You can see how they have learnt and how much they have smiled having a look at the photos in our gallery!!

Gymkana de 4º

Gymkana de 3º

Gymkana de 6º

Teatro 1º y 2º

Teatro 3º y 4º

Teatro 5º y 6º